Some Happy Tweets Updated

Beautiful Mona Lisa, the Goffins cockatoo, who has stopped her plucking! Thank you Selena and family!

Doobie the Citron Cockatoo loves to hang outside in his playcage with his family. Thanks Gina and Bobby!

Sweet little Cassie the Goffins cockatoo cuddling up with her new mom, thanks Summer!

Roscoe the Blue and Gold loves her new home with Valerie!


Cash, the Senegal enjoying a peanut in his new home. Thanks Greg!


Ruth, Boaz, Petey and Buddy in their new home. Thanks Angela!


Pedro hanging with his new friend. Thanks Stephanie!


Senny, newly named Zoey! Thanks Derick!


Chris eating peanuts with his new family. Thanks Frank! 

A snapshot of Stormy in her new home. Thanks Victoria!


Tony climbing around and exploring his cage. Thanks Tina!

Precious, newly named Maggie posing for the camera. Thanks Carla!

Kyros, newly named Fruit Loops enjoying a snack with his new mommy. Thanks Kristyn!


Bella showing off for her new mommy. Thanks Judy!


Kyros and Iggy hanging with their new friend!

Primrose on her new playstand! Thanks Rachel!

Toby hanging out with his new mommy! Thank you Darlene!


Scooter hanging out in his new home! Thanks Gail!


Kirby's adoption day! Thanks Tina!


Stanley loves his pumpkin and his playtop! Thanks Carla!

Chicklets our Ekkie who came to us almost completely plucked. She looks great Marco!


Our beautiful Lucy hanging out with her new mommy. Thanks Isabel!

Hi Kiwi! One of our very special birds that came to us in the very beginning of Lonely Grey Rescue. Thanks Joe!

Chester checking out his new home. Thanks Patty!

We miss you Tequila! Thanks Marco!

Moochie exploring her new home! Thanks Mike & Is!


Bruce hanging out on his tree! Thanks Victoria!


Puff is getting friendlier by the day! Big thank you to the Zuckerman family!

Lovebirds in love! Thank you to the Moon family for taking in our little Rain. :)


Alvin is a lucky little guy to be so spoiled by his family! Thanks Andrew!

Apollo loves mealtime in his new family! Thank you Aga and Henry!

Biff is a master at destruction! And a full time resident here at LGR. :)

Poley is certainly the prince of his house! Thank you Vanessa and family. :)

Taylor loves to play peek-a-boo at home! Thank you Mickie. :)

Ranger and his new BFF! A big thank you to Jennifer and family!

Roscoe and his new mommy! Thanks Viraj. :)

Baby Beau getting ready for bedtime! Thank you Una!

Sweet Pea loves her daddy! Thank you Tim. :)

DeeJay loves to snack on apples! Thank you Amy and Rosie!