Surrendering Your Bird

We will and have traveled all over the state for birds in need. We are also willing to travel to different states if absolutely necessary.

If you are considering selling your bird or giving your bird away. Please consider allowing your bird to be placed with us to give them a great chance at finding a forever home. We do realize that your investment in the bird was probably huge, but please consider what might happen to them if not placed in an appropriate forever home. If you need to surrender a bird or parrot please give us a call at 732 585 5559 between 8 A.M. - 10 P.M or fill out the form below. Of course if it is an emergency situation you can call at any time. Please remember though, that we all have full time careers and taking phone calls late is a bit of a struggle.

What to Expect:

When surrendering a bird the first step is contacting us. We are available to be contacted through Petfinder, email, this website, phone, or Facebook. The owner, Dan, or one of our volunteers will happily speak with you about your bird and explain to you who we are and how we work.

** If you do not immediately reach us, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. **

After speaking with a Lonely Grey Rescue Representative we will schedule a time that is convenient for all involved. At that time the surrenderer has the choice of a representative picking up the bird or visiting us at our Woodbridge location to drop him/her off. There is a short, one page surrender form that must be completed and signed at that time.

We do ask that as often as possible, birds come with their cage, any favorite toys, and an amount of food, all of which help the bird's transition into our rescue. The birds view their cages as their home and become greatly attached to them. By transitioning them with reminders of their home, we are offering them as much comfort as possible. We do realize that it is not always possible for the family to give up these items so please note that while encouraged, none of these things are required.

There are options to maintain contact with your bird even after they are adopted out. All our surrenders and adopters are welcome to join the Facebook page where there are often updates from new families. We only ask that if you are not personally fond of the adopter, you keep it to yourself. Remember, any and all adopters are put through our rigorous adoption process and have become pre-approved adopters. We do ask our adopters if they would like to keep in touch directly with the person (s) surrendering the bird. We leave it up to them if they would like to do so but we do not require it. Although we give the option to keep in touch with surrenderers, we do not give the option to keep in touch with us. Any and all questions and updates will be given to us and we can keep our adopters abreast of any info they request from the adoptive family.