From Dan on the loss of his personal bird, McKey:

With great happiness comes great sadness. I am very sad that I have lost my best friend. My first macaw and my absolute right hand. Unquestionably, one of the best birds to have ever lived. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him knew just how special he was. Coming from a home where he was forgotten about and dismissed in the corning, and then coming into my home and showing me the ropes. Teaching me as I taught him, we learned together. He showed me understanding and patience and how to become the bird owner I am today. 

Always with a kind and excited hello to anyone walking in and always quick to remind me that he was there and not to be forgotten during treat time. Every morning he was first out and got uninterrupted quiet time with Daddy. He would come over and run his beak across my face and hold my finger with his toes. A definite flirt who had an affection for every person he met, but especially women. 

Although his life was much shorter than it should have ever been I know that while I had him the last several years of his life he did not want for anything. His necropsy revealed that he was destined for a short life due to defects in both his heart and kidneys. I will always miss him and he will always be remembered. It leaves you with an empty feeling. It makes you want to stop everything. I know McKey enjoyed new birds coming in and showing them the ropes. 

In his memory, I will always continue to be a safe have for all exotic birds in need. I will miss you Mic. I will see you at the bridge. 

September 16, 1999-February 3, 2014


From Victoria on her CAG Bruce who was adopted from LGR:

On Valentine's day today I said a very sad farewell to my African Grey. My little red tailed guy decided he'd be better at playing cupid somewhere out there instead of growing into an old man here with me. I can't say I won't miss his whistling, begging for food, yelling at my dog Roofus and most of all coming home to him waiting to be petted and played with, but at forty years old I think he had a good run and spent some last good months with me and my family. I wish I could have given him more time, I wish I could've adopted him sooner and I wish he had better care throughout his forty years.

He couldn't have picked a more fitting day, a day meant to celebrate love and a day with the color that made him so special. Watch out for us my little cupid

Until We Meet Again Bruce... 1975-Feb.14, 2014