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Adoption Application

With our adoptions, THERE IS A HOME INSPECTION. We will require several visits, to make sure the bird is best suited for you. It is solely up to the discretion of the rescue on how many visits will be required. There are also follow up calls. We will adopt an additional bird of the same species as you already have, as long as we know they are the same sex. We do not offer birds for adoption if you are a breeder. We do realize there is a huge demand for African Greys. We ask that if you are contacting us to adopt, please be open minded to other species as well. We also DO NOT guarantee a bird will speak and will not adopt a bird to someone with the demand that they speak. By signing and submitting this adoption application, you agree to follow all rescue policies for as long as you have a Lonely Grey Rescue bird. Your virtual signature will be legally binding as is your physical signature.

PLEASE NOTE: There IS an adoption fee with each bird. This adoption fee varies depending on the individual bird.