Find An Avian Vet and Pet Insurance

Find an avian vet local to you: 
Why do I need an avian veterinarian?
It is important to try your best to find an avian specialized vet. This is different from a dog/cat vet AND it is different than an exotics vet. Many exotic vets will see birds but it is best to seek out a vet that has further education regarding parrots. An exotics vet has some training in birds but an avian specialized vet has had extensive schooling on them. This is very important considering the differences in the many species.
 An avian vet can help you set up annual preventative care such as wellness exams and bloodwork. This is important because birds are prey species and will hide signs and symptoms of illness until the condition is often too advanced to treat. In the wild, this would give them the longest period of survival. In captivity, it is often a death sentence. By seeing your vet yearly, you create a personalized trend of health data so that your vet will spot any changes quickly. This provides an opportunity to help your bird. 
What is pet insurance and do I need it?
Pet health insurance is something that has become available for not just dogs and cats but exotic animals too! We have families who have used Nationwide ( ) and Pet Assure ( ). These plans charge a monthly fee which can range from $10-50 and in exchange, if you need emergency care for your bird you will pay a deductible and be reimbursed a high percentage of the costs. Most plans reimburse between 75-90% of veterinary costs. This is helpful to anyone! Even if you are financially comfortable and have funds for emergency care, this allows you to keep the bulk of those savings. While it is not a requirement for adoption, we suggest it to all our families because you don't want to feel forced to make an emergency medical decision on the basis of funds.